Welcome To The Leith Group

The Leith Group is a boutique award-winning family run consultancy established in 1993, with offices in London and the North of England. We operate in all areas of real estate and the built environment for our clients across the devolved nations of the United Kingdom.

We welcome the opportunity to support you on your investment journey into the United Kingdom real estate sector as your trusted advisor and partner.

Our business expertise covers Town and County Planning; Construction; Investments; and Agency. Details of our Group services are as follow:


Leith Planning

We offer the full suite of planning services including (but not limited to): Planning Applications; Planning Appeals; Planning Objections; Section 106 Negotiations; Judicial Reviews; and Submission of Representations for Strategic Land.

leith planning construction

Leith Construction Services

Our construction management arm allows the group to provide full turnkey solutions. Our construction partners are experts in their field and have a proven track record of delivering projects, in time, on budget and to the highest standard. We’re able to deliver new build and conversion schemes across a variety of sectors including (but not limited to): Residential (open market and affordable); healthcare; industrial/logistical; leisure; retail and mixed use.

leith investments

Leith Planning Ventures

We work with landowners to maximise the value of their assets, by providing the funding required to cover the cost of the planning process, whilst utilising the Town and Country Planning expertise of our consultancy arm. Following this we can provide full turnkey services through our construction arm. As a national land promoter our credentials are well established across all sectors and we look forward to extending our portfolio overseas with our strategic partners.

leith planning agency

Leith Capital Management

We offer land and property agency nationally and offer the full suite of agency services including (but not limited to): Land & Property viability reports to support a planning application; land & property viability reports for construction purposes; residual land valuations; advice on acquisitions and disposals, site finding and contract negotiation.

Free Consultation Service

Our team offer a free consultation service through which we can explore your individual requirements through a telephone or video conference to provide tailored advice on your development needs. If you’re interested in structuring a call with a member of our agency team, please fill in the table below, namely:

    We look forward to hearing from you. At The Leith Group our vision is:

    “To become the most trusted and respected brand in the development industry.”